Auto Insurance

Trying to operate a motor vehicle on the road without automobile insurance can prove costly with fines and possible license restrictions. Another reason to consider investing in a sound policy is to stay prepared for the event of an accident, natural disaster, or act of vandalism. Keep your investment in a vehicle safe and sound with an affordable insurance policy designed to fit your specific needs.

What Is Automobile Insurance?

Insurance for automobiles is protection against the cost of property damage to other vehicles, structures and medical expenses for people in cases of accidents with a car, truck, SUV, or other covered motorized transportation. A policy can cover damage that YOU do, or it can be included to cover the cost of your own vehicle as well.

Who Does an Automobile Insurance Policy Cover?

An automobile insurance policy will cover all stated scenarios of damage to the purchased limits for health and property replacement/repair expenses. Separate policies are needed for cases of vandalism, theft and fire loss. The medical expenses of any passengers in your covered vehicle will also be covered, up to the purchased limits. The extent of coverage will depend on the type of insurance purchased and levels of coverage desired.

What Types of Auto Insurance Are Available?


This is insurance that is designed to cover either property, medical expenses, or both. All states require proof that you have this type of coverage at the required level, or you can post a bond to the specified amount allowed by your particular state of residence.


This insurance covers repairs to your car if you hit something, or otherwise cause damage to your vehicle.


This type of insurance covers vandalism, theft, or fire loss of your vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist

getting involved in an accident with a vehicle that is not covered by insurance, or adequate amounts can cost you a lot financially. This insurance will cover all the damages that are not by the other party.

Medical Coverage

This insurance will pay a limited amount of medical expenses for those hurt in an accident involving your vehicle.

How Does Automobile Insurance Work?

Automobile insurance is activated by filing a claim for damages after an accident, or incident. Make sure to get all information regarding the other party, if one is involved and gather all necessary police reports. An insurance adjuster will determine what is awarded.

What Are the Benefits of Having Auto Insurance?

One huge benefit to having and maintaining automobile insurance is retaining the privilege to drive a vehicle legally on the road. Although no one wants to have to use the insurance, it can bring peace of mind in cases of accidents, natural disaster, or theft. Once the deductible is satisfied, you will get compensated for most, if not all of the costs of damages from accidents.

Contact a knowledgeable insurance agent today and get the level of automobile insurance you need to keep your vehicle safe and covered!