Motorcycle Insurance

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As a motorcycle rider, your insurance needs are much different than the average driver. Not only do you face more risks while out on the road, but motorcycle accidents typically result in severe bodily injuries. That is why it is so important for all riders to carefully consider what type of motorcycle insurance will best meet their unique needs.

Property Damage and Personal Injury Coverage

All basic motorcycle insurance policies include some form coverage for bodily injuries and property damage. If you or a passenger on your motorcycle are injured while out on the road, then the insurance will cover some or all of the medical expenses. The amount of coverage that you need for bodily injuries varies by state, and that is why you should work with an experienced agent who understands all local laws and regulations. Your insurance will also cover some or all of the expenses for property damage. That includes damage to your motorcycle, other vehicles, and public property.

Liability Coverage

States also require riders to have some form of liability coverage. This component of your insurance policy essentially covers another party’s repair costs and medical fees if you were the one who caused the accident. In the event that the accident escalates into a trial, the liability coverage will also help you with some of the legal fees such as paying for a lawyer, court fines, and any damages that are awarded to the victim. Without liability coverage, you could find yourself dealing with overwhelming legal fees and nowhere to turn to for help.

Additional Insurance Options

One of the most common insurance add-ons that motorcyclists attach to their coverage is an underinsured/uninsured clause. This type of clause gives you an additional layer of protection if you are in an accident with another driver who doesn’t have any insurance or enough insurance to cover the costs. You can even go one step further and turn your entire policy into comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance increases all of the limits as well as the scope of the policy. It generally includes coverage for completely replacing your motorcycle after an accident, towing, roadside assistance, and some repairs.