Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, or what you use it for, if you are going to drive it on US roads, you must have insurance — at least in most parts of the country. But minimum auto liability requirements is not the only reason we purchase car insurance. We obtain car insurance to protect ourselves from losses that may result from the occurrence of an accident, damage from unprecedented natural disasters, theft, and other related events that may lead to loss or damage to our vehicles.

When it comes to recreational vehicles, the rules remain the same. What changes is the type of policy you will need to provide sufficient coverage for your recreational vehicle. A typical car insurance policy just won’t cut for your RV, which is why you need recreational vehicle insurance.

What Is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

You can’t properly safeguard your motor home with a normal car insurance policy. Therefore, insurers have designed a special type of coverage for such vehicles. This auto insurance product is popularly referred to as recreational vehicle insurance.

How Does Recreational Vehicles Insurance Work?

Well, it works just like regular car insurance. If an insured incident occurs, RV owners are compensated for their losses. Some of the available coverage options include:

Vacation liability- This coverage pays for property damage and bodily injuries that occur at the site of the vacation. If you purchase comprehensive and collision coverage for your RV, vacation liability is automatically included in the policy.
Replacement costs for personal effects- Just as it states, this coverage replaces your personal effects in case they get lost during your vacation.
Total loss replacement- This coverage will replace your RV if it’s totalled within a specified period after purchase. On top of these coverage options, your RV insurance comes with other types of normal car insurance coverage.
RV insurance works well with your travel trailer, motor home insurance, 5th wheel, truck camper, tent trailer, and off-road vehicle. Sometimes, depending on the insurer, boat, sea doo, watercraft, and Jet Ski owners can also purchase this type of policy for their recreational vessels. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vehicle.