Workplace Benefits

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Workplace Benefits Insurance
Workplace benefits insurance is a compensation coverage that employers take to insure employment related sicknesses and injuries. In most cases, the injured workers get compensated even if they are responsible for the problem.

Note that there are limitations to these cover. Compensation can be denied if the employee got sick or injured when violating company policy, injuries are self-inflicted, the employee wasn’t at their usual work spot or worker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Benefit plans available

Employers have the freedom to choose the types of coverages to be offered by the insurance company. Note that when an employee makes a claim, you will have to pay it based on the policy’s specific coverage. Let’s look at a couple of highlights on different benefits plans offered.

Accidental death insurance

This plan offers additional work benefits to an employee’s family in the event he or she accidentally passes on. If the member loses a limb, becomes paralyzed, or loses eyesight, speech or hearing due to the accident, the benefits will also be paid to the employee or their family.

Dental care coverage

This plan covers diagnostic and preventative dental treatments.

Group life insurance

This policy provides for the employee’s family if one dies. The work benefits can be based on a multiple of what the member earned. Sometimes the amount can be flat too or a mix of the two. Employers can also sponsor dependent and optional life insurance because it offers additional coverage.

Disability benefits

The policy is designed to replace part of the member’s income in case the member is injured or ill and can’t walk or work. Most employers sponsor both long- and short-term disability coverage to help their workers.

Extended health care coverage

This plan pays for all medical expenses that aren’t covered in the member’s provisional plan. It can cover hospital care, vision care, paramedical services, prescription drugs, medical equipment, and services as well as help with out- of- town emergency travel.

With these plans, employees are covered. Consider getting your plan today.